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  • 03:28 New Arka Div - Escape

    Arka Div - Escape

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    'Escape' is taken from ARKA DIV's forthcoming selftitled debut album. Out February 13th 2015.Produced and edited by Nora Ermatinger (

  • 05:05 New Colveen - We came to life

    Colveen - We came to life

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    The official video for We came to life, directed by Jérémie

  • 04:15 New PDT feat. Diens - Ranzeweh

    PDT feat. Diens - Ranzeweh

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    PDT - Berner Rock'n'Roll - seit 1993. "Ranzeweh" ist ein Song vom PDT-Album ZWÄNZG. - Grosser Dank geht an Diens (ehemals Wurzel 5)!

  • 04:31 New Pertness - Farewell to the Past (Live)

    Pertness - Farewell to the Past (Live)

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    Pertness - Farewell to the Past Live at Ice Rock 2014. Video created by Münngu (from our friends Excelsis - one of the Best swiss Bands ever!) - Thank you! Pertness -- Album "Frozen Time" (Pure Steel Records, Germany)

  • 05:16 Pertness - Frozen Time

    Pertness - Frozen Time

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    Offizielles Video zu "Frozen Time" von Pertness.

  • 06:02 The Burden Remains - A Thousand Lives (Live)

    The Burden Remains - A Thousand Lives (Live)

    by SwissRock TV Added 46 Views / 0 Likes

    The Burden Remains performing the track 'A Thousand Lives' off their new album 'Fragments' (Out now on Irascible/Czar Of Crickets) at Fri-Son, Fribourg 2014 - Featuring the Tambourenverein Murten and Antoine Estoppey as guest musicians.Lights by Patrick H

  • 03:39 Läärguet - Chartehuus

    Läärguet - Chartehuus

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    Läärguet sind: Heiko Salvisberg (Gesang), Daniel Roth (Gitarre), Pascal Kipfer (Gitarre), Steve André (Bass), Roland Habegger (Keyboard), Marc Egloff (Drums). (p)+(c)2014 EmptyMoon Productions, Switzerland (Q20 Music), administrated by K-

  • 03:58 Spruchrif - Wo ich deheime bi

    Spruchrif - Wo ich deheime bi

    by SwissRock TV Added 47 Views / 0 Likes

    Mundartrock von SPRUCHRIF aus Sissach Baselland, Schweiz. "Wo ich deheime bi" ist eine Homage an das Baselbieterlied und seine wunderbare Basellandschaft. Liedtext: © Spruchrif 2011 – SUISA

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